Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boy oh BOY!!!

In the last post (which was forever ago, I know) I was complaining about how everyone else has cute little baby bumps...well I've come to realize that all of those people are not very tall. Therefore, I blame my height! However, a month later, I think I have one!!! really just looks like I'm fat :( I'm hoping this new bump of mine will begin to round out!!!

My last appointment was on Dec. 21, and Matthew and I had asked my Dr. if she could tell us what the baby's sex is a little early so that we could surprise everyone for Christmas. (We originally weren't supposed to find out until my next appt. on Jan. 18th.)
Sure enough the Dr. told us we are having a BOY!!!!

Now this was really no surprise to me, this whole time I was thinking I am going to have a boy...b/c all my dreams except one have been that I am having a boy.
One dream in particular frightened me:
I dreamt that I was having a boy, but that this boy was somehow half elephant!!! He had a TRUNK! A fully functioning elephant trunk! Along with that, his feet were huge like elephant feet! I was terrified!
I saw my parents that next day and told them about my dream and how scary it was, and my mom says, "well, that's why they have plastic surgeons!" HA! Then, I called Matthew to tell him, and he said "well, I guess that means he is going to be a republican!"
It's funny now, but in my dream I was terrified. But to calm my nerves, at our last appt. my Dr. let us know that the blood test I took to make sure everything was fine with the baby and that there are no genetic defects came out negative! So our baby is healthy and that's really all we could ask for!

Anyway, back to it's a BOY...At the appt. my Dr. was doing the ultrasound and she claims that she saw "HIM" 3 times...however, I was watching too and I couldnt see anything! Apparently he was being stubborn...go figure...he already takes after his dad! He had his legs crossed and then was moving around the whole time, so she really couldnt get a good pic for us, but she assured us that at our next appointment we would get a much better shot of the little man!

We felt him kick for the first time a few weeks ago, (I know, I should have been posting this whole time) but it was such a cool feeling! Even Matthew got to feel it. And these last couple of weeks, he is going crazy inside there! It feels like he is doing somersaults, and throwing in the occasional kick! It's an awesome feeling!
We are so happy and blessed! Matthew is ecstactic! The little ones initials will of course be MVP like his dad and grandad. I will try to put up some pics as soon as I can! Maybe some of the ultrasounds too! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!! Yay for 2010!!! May 21st cant come soon enough!!! Pin It

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


So many of my friends/classmates are pregnant, about to pop, or just had a baby..and I love looking at their pictures. They all have/had cute little bumps. I'm jealous! I would love to start a baby bump photo album...but it will have to wait until I actually get one!!!!
Well, I had my monthly Dr. visit yesterday and it was very routine. However, I am confused! I am now about 15 weeks and could have sworn that I have gained weight...but I hopped on the scale yesterday and I've lost 1/2 a pound!!!! My jeans beg to differ.
One could almost wonder if there really is a baby in there?!? But we did get to hear the heartbeat yesterday...beating strong! And it's an amazing sound!

Matthew is so cute...he talks to the baby everyday...and puts his ear against my stomach and swears he can hear it "swimming". He is going to be a great dad!!!

I know this has been slightly scattered....but lately that's how my brain has been! I blame the baby! :)
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Saturday, October 31, 2009

life so far....

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. But some inspiration has finally come! Matthew and I had our second Dr's appointment and ultrasound on the 26th. It was amazing! God is so great!!! What was just a dot on the screen 4 weeks now a BABY, with arms and hands, and a heart that beats 140 beats a minute!!!
As for morning sickness....well it finally caught up with me. But only for a couple of days...I have definitely been blessed in that department! I hear of women who have it everyday for the entire first trimester...some for the first 6 MONTHS! I am sooooooooo grateful!
My emotions are on overdrive right now. I cry all the time! Often times for no real reason! Which is something fairly new to me...I used to cry once every 5-6 months...this whole crying when a sad commercial comes on the tv...well, I'm starting to feel like my mom!!! (love you mom!)
I apologize that this post isn't as witty and entertaining as the past ones have been...however, hope you enjoyed it still! Pin It

Monday, October 12, 2009


Today I pondered the whole "nesting" stage and this is what I came up with...Women "nest" because there is some horrid smell in their house that they cannot stand and therefore they clean the entire thing in hopes to get rid of it! (At least that seems to be my problem!)
This apartment smells awful! The other day, Matthew and I came home and I swear it smelled like the giraffe cage at the zoo! Now, Matthew thinks that I am nuts and completely doesn't understand this whole 'my nose is 40x's stronger than his right now' issue! 
And on the whole smell issue...I dont even like the smell of my own hands! How in the world does that happen?!? It's crazy. Luckily mom gave me some new lavender/vanilla soap that seems to mask it pretty well.....for about 10 min!
All in all these first 8 weeks haven't been horrible, still no morning sickness- which is a blessing. And Matthew is being quite the sport about it all...he does the dishes most days, makes me food, lets me complain, he is being an AMAZING husband, and I love him!
Our next appointment with our Dr. is the end of this month...We're scheduled for another sonogram at that time and according to all the books and whatnot, by then the baby will actually look like a baby! YAY!
Thanks for reading! Now I'm off to do some "nesting". Until next time... Pin It

Friday, October 2, 2009

Change of Pace!

So there is a new addition the blog...because there is going to be a New addition to our family! Matthew and I are going to be having a BABY! I'm sure there will still be married-life lessons here and there, but we wanted to include y'all in our new adventure!

Right now I am about 7 weeks and due on May 21, 2010! This poses a threat to several relatives and friends! Lindsay and my sis-in-law Rochelle's birthdays are the 21st as well! My brother-in-law Matt's bday is May 17th. My flower girl Lucy Kate's bday is May 23 (I think!). Kat and Matt's aniversary is also May 23, or something like that! (If I got dates wrong, it's the baby I swear! It makes me forget things!!!) But either way....born early or late or even on time....this baby is going to steal someone's thunder!

We waited till Tues. after our first sonogram to break the news to EVERYBODY....a select few knew before that. But we just wanted to make sure everything was on track...and it seems to be!!! We saw the baby, it is only 7.3 mm right now! And we even saw and heard the heartbeat!!! It was amazing!

People have asked me how I feel, and I feel pretty good most days! I have not had any morning sickness yet! I just have a hard time sleeping...I'm physically exhausted...but this kid wont let me sleep! It's like it's preparing me for the sleepless nights to come!

As far as other symptoms real cravings, but Matthew is no longer allowed to cook with onions or garlic. The smell makes me queezy!  And I hate the smell of our smells like leftovers!
I pee ALL THE TIME! And I drink more water than I think I have had in my entire life...yet my lips are still chapped?! Hmmm...

So that is what I know right now! I will try to keep y'all updated as things for the newlyweds will be changing quickly...and we are Super Excited! Pin It

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Also on the mind...

So I was searching (just wishing!) and I came across this necklace. When Matthew and I were in Chicago, we walked into the Tiffany's store on Michigan Ave. because I had never been in one before. I saw this exact same necklace...even tried it on! I was in love....until she told us the price...$785! (or some ridiculous number like that!)
Come to find out that online, that same necklace, is $175!!!! Holy markup!
So I have decided that with the special occasion that has yet to be announced completely..I think it would be a wonderful gift! :) (hint, hint!) Pin It

I've Created a Monster!

As the title states....I have indeed created a monster...a facebook monster! I turned Matthew on to facebook so that I could show everyone who (at the time) was going to be my future husband! I wanted everyone to see how handsome he is!!! His reluctance was so cute...But he had no choice!
And now in return...I go to sleep to him deciding what his fb status should be the next day!!! haha! Pin It

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #4

Well my first attempt at this blog was cancelled....BOO. So here it is again!

Matthew and I like to bet on things together, usually on the most random things ever! There are more than these, but these are the most notable ones!

For Example: The first time we went grocery shopping together, after we came back from the honeymoon, we decided to guess how much the total bill was going to be! Matthew came up with some absurd amount, in the area of $135.00! ( our cart wasn't even half way full!) My guess was somewhere around $75.00 (I think--I mean it has been almost 2 months!!!)

The Wager: Loser had to cook for a week.
Grand Total: $65.00! Erin wins!(no penalty for going over) And technically Matthew didn't really lose because he likes to cook anyway!

Bet #2: Second trip to the Grocery Store
By this time we had accumulated tons of coupons from the Sunday papers and had a $10 off coupon that we receive quite frequently from our HEB! (yes....we love coupons!)

The Wager: Loser had 1 week of dishes.

Matthew's bet: $85.00
Erin's Bet: $57.00

Grand Total: $57.02!
I think the check-out lady probably thought I was insane after my public display of excitement from winning the "grocery game" again! After this trip we decided that if the TV show "Supermarket Sweep" was still on air, I would totally win!

Bet #3: We went to the movies last night and saw "Taking Woodstock" (It was o.k...I recommend you wait till it comes on HBO if you were wanting to see it.)
Anyway, Matthew said that one of the actors (I don't know his name but he was Denny on Grey's Anatomy and he was in P.S. I Love You) was Javier Bardem from No Country For Old Men.
I said no he wasn't, and Matthew still claimed that he absolutely was!

So we got home and googled it.

The Wager: Loser had to drive for 2 weeks (whenever we go somewhere I usually drive, and don't always like to!)

The Winner: We had to go to the bank this afternoon....Matthew drove.

Married-Life Lesson #4: As Matthew always says about poker..."It's not gambling when you know you're going to win!"
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #3

This is not a new development, but I did think it was worthy of adding to the growing list of lessons.
When I was little and all through growing up I would always "save the best for last", especially with food. I always wanted the last bite to be the best one.

Now that we are married, I have realized that saving the best for last is no longer an option.
Matthew has a very large appetite, and when we go out to eat we usually try eachothers food....well I would "save the best for last" but he would always end up eating those bites that I think are the "best"!
So I came to the conclusion that if I want the best parts of my meal, I must eat them first.

Married-Life Lesson #3: Boys are not very good at sharing.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The ParkerPod

Pretty excited about the new addition to the blog....the parkerpod!

And in honor of the first song...
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #2

Hello again!

So the other night I was taking a shower before Matthew got home from work. (I'm not really a fan of being home by myself at imagination runs wild and I tend to scare myself. Even taking a shower when he's not home, scenes of Psycho run through my head.)

And as I was about to turn the water off, I see the shadow of a huge insect crawling up the outside of our shower curtain! It looked like either a GIANT spider or a GIANT cockroach, both of which I am terrified of! I screamed. I then hit the bug from the inside and knocked it off...but to where?!

I then creep out of the shower, and I hear the door open! MATTHEW!!!! The GIANT COCKROACH had crawled its way under our vanity/cabinets.

And then...... Matthew heroically killed it with a shoe.

Married-Life Lesson #2: Boys kill Bugs! Pin It

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #1

Well I decided to start a blog. Matthew and I have been married for exactly one month and one day! How exciting?!

The reason I decided to start this is from a conversation I had with my mom last night! I had gone to hang out with her b/c Matthew was working and she was bored!

And as a child would do...I brought my laundry too!

(Matthew and I don't have a washer/dryer yet so once a week, usually Saturday or Sunday, I drive out to my parents house and do about 3 loads, and the majority being his clothes!)

The conversation went somewhat like this!

"Did you start your laundry yet?" (mom)

-"yes...and you know what I've realized?! Matthew wears a lot of clothes in one week!!!! A LOT!

Everyday he wears undies, pants/shorts, undershirt and another shirt on top!!! That's a lot! I don't even wear that much! I don't wash my bras every time I wear them...I don't have to wash my jeans after every wear either..."

"So what you're saying is Matthew's dirty?"

- "...............YES! Yes he is!"

Funny. A boy that's dirty. Go figure!

One married-life lesson billion to go!
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