Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Madden!

Our appointment on Monday went awesome! We are definitely having a BOY! Madden Valentine Parker is growing healthy and strong!
I have gained 10 pounds so far and I am about 23 weeks. The bump has its moments...some days it really looks like I have a little one, then other/most days it doesn't at all! He is due exactly 4 months from today!!!
He is definitely an active little man! Especially at night right as we are trying to go to sleep. The other day he kicked so hard my shirt moved!!! Pretty amazing stuff!
Here are some pics from the beginning...

Sunday, Sept. 13, 2009...Matthew was working at the station all day, on my way home from my parents that night I stopped at HEB to get the tests...and YAY! I took the picture...first of the electronic clearblue test.

The day before, I had gone to Orange Grove for Mari's bday party and took pics that Matthew hadn't seen yet. So when he got home Sunday night, he relaxed a little bit, and then I gave him the camera and told him to look at the pics from the party. He gets to the end and sees the one with the test and says..."What does this say?!" He was so excited!

Our First Sonogram...I was only about 6 weeks so there wasn't much to see but he was definitely there!

11 weeks and starting to look like a BABY!

We wanted to surprise our families with the sex of the baby for Christmas...this is at about 18 weeks. The boy arrow is actually pointed at his leg which was sticking straight up..his other leg is pointing straight out and his little package is inbetween! ha!

22 weeks...and boy oh boy! My mom even got to come to this sono.

So that is our little man so far...Matthew and I couldn't be happier. Matthew still talks to Madden everyday and loves to feel him kick!
We got our stroller and car seat on Monday too! It is so cute! Thanks mom for the gift! Maybe we will put it together today! I will def. take pics!
Love to you all,
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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday, Matthew and I woke up to a flood in our guest bathroom and the beginnings of one in our master bathroom!
It all began Friday night when we took a quick trip to the apt before going to dinner with my parents and the Roberts. We both used the toilets and quickly realized that they weren't going to flush!
I thought they were both clogged up and called the office to have maintenance come and fix them while we were at dinner.
We returned from dinner to a note saying the toilets were fixed...only to find out they still wouldn't flush, nor would they keep any water in them!!! Hmmm...
Now normally this may have been ok, but seeing as I am pregnant and pee every 30 minutes...this poses as quite a problem!
We went to bed, and then woke up to the mess. ( I will post the video later..I promise) Matthew went on a search around the apt for the problem and found it.
Coming up from the ground outside the building next to ours was toilet paper, water, pee and human feces! AHHHH!!!! We got it on video and you can hear us gagging...Matthew actually threw up!
We ended up having to stay at my parents house last night, and might have to again tonight. I went to the apt tonight and they fixed the problem, our toilets are functioning now; however, because of the flood in our guest bathroom the carpet was ruined and now our apt smells like a wet dog. They won't be able to fix our carpet until Tues!
So that is the fiasco of late. Kind of gross, I know!
Thank the Lord we have my parents nearby to stay with!
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Recent Events

I have finally uploaded the pictures from my camera! There were 500 new ones that needed to be on my computer instead of my memory card! I then proceeded to delete all the photos from my memory card which totalled somewhere around 1,500 photos! Woops! I still had pics from the day I bought my camera-- Sept. 2008!!!

Our most recent endeavor was to Corpus Christi, for Matthew's niece Mackenzie's Cotillion and Presentation Ball on January 9, 2009. It was very beautiful and Kenzie was stunning! The dresses were huge! The only thing they failed to mention was that the ceremony began at 6:30, but they weren't serving dinner until 8:30!!! This information would have come in handy for a pregnant lady who was excpecting dinner at around 7ish!!! Therefore leaving me unprepared with no snacks. Luckily, I happened to have half a milky way with me!

Overall the evening was great. The food that finally came was delicious and Matthew and I even got a dance or two in!
After the ball we went to our friend Adam's house, Adam was a groomsman in our wedding. It's always a blessing to hang out with him and his wife Rachel when we go to Corpus. They are super excited about the baby!

So that was the adventure of last weekend!
Coming up.....

Monday we have our appointment to confirm that we are having a boy! Hopefully the little man will let the Dr. get a good picture!!!

I will leave you with some pics from Kenzie's ball.

Love to you all,
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Friday, January 8, 2010


I realize I'm a little late with this but...HAPPY NEW YEAR! ha! Pin It