Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #3

This is not a new development, but I did think it was worthy of adding to the growing list of lessons.
When I was little and all through growing up I would always "save the best for last", especially with food. I always wanted the last bite to be the best one.

Now that we are married, I have realized that saving the best for last is no longer an option.
Matthew has a very large appetite, and when we go out to eat we usually try eachothers food....well I would "save the best for last" but he would always end up eating those bites that I think are the "best"!
So I came to the conclusion that if I want the best parts of my meal, I must eat them first.

Married-Life Lesson #3: Boys are not very good at sharing.
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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The ParkerPod

Pretty excited about the new addition to the blog....the parkerpod!

And in honor of the first song...
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #2

Hello again!

So the other night I was taking a shower before Matthew got home from work. (I'm not really a fan of being home by myself at night...my imagination runs wild and I tend to scare myself. Even taking a shower when he's not home, scenes of Psycho run through my head.)

And as I was about to turn the water off, I see the shadow of a huge insect crawling up the outside of our shower curtain! It looked like either a GIANT spider or a GIANT cockroach, both of which I am terrified of! I screamed. I then hit the bug from the inside and knocked it off...but to where?!

I then creep out of the shower, and I hear the door open! MATTHEW!!!! The GIANT COCKROACH had crawled its way under our vanity/cabinets.

And then...... Matthew heroically killed it with a shoe.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #1

Well I decided to start a blog. Matthew and I have been married for exactly one month and one day! How exciting?!

The reason I decided to start this is from a conversation I had with my mom last night! I had gone to hang out with her b/c Matthew was working and she was bored!

And as a child would do...I brought my laundry too!

(Matthew and I don't have a washer/dryer yet so once a week, usually Saturday or Sunday, I drive out to my parents house and do about 3 loads, and the majority being his clothes!)

The conversation went somewhat like this!

"Did you start your laundry yet?" (mom)

-"yes...and you know what I've realized?! Matthew wears a lot of clothes in one week!!!! A LOT!

Everyday he wears undies, pants/shorts, undershirt and another shirt on top!!! That's a lot! I don't even wear that much! I don't wash my bras every time I wear them...I don't have to wash my jeans after every wear either..."

"So what you're saying is Matthew's dirty?"

- "...............YES! Yes he is!"

Funny. A boy that's dirty. Go figure!

One married-life lesson down....one billion to go!
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