Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #1

Well I decided to start a blog. Matthew and I have been married for exactly one month and one day! How exciting?!

The reason I decided to start this is from a conversation I had with my mom last night! I had gone to hang out with her b/c Matthew was working and she was bored!

And as a child would do...I brought my laundry too!

(Matthew and I don't have a washer/dryer yet so once a week, usually Saturday or Sunday, I drive out to my parents house and do about 3 loads, and the majority being his clothes!)

The conversation went somewhat like this!

"Did you start your laundry yet?" (mom)

-"yes...and you know what I've realized?! Matthew wears a lot of clothes in one week!!!! A LOT!

Everyday he wears undies, pants/shorts, undershirt and another shirt on top!!! That's a lot! I don't even wear that much! I don't wash my bras every time I wear them...I don't have to wash my jeans after every wear either..."

"So what you're saying is Matthew's dirty?"

- "...............YES! Yes he is!"

Funny. A boy that's dirty. Go figure!

One married-life lesson billion to go!
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  1. haha.. I like this idea!!

    and the score shall continue!!

  2. What is it with boys and laundry? I am constantly doing laundry and it is all my husbands. I swear he is more of a girl than I am. Too funny! Well, I am glad that I am not the only one in this boat:) gotta love them!