Sunday, February 26, 2012

Time Flies...

...when you're raising babies. Or should I say 'rearing'? In the words of my 5th/6th grade teacher Mrs. Bollinger, "You raise chickens. You rear children." Anyway...2 months have flown by!

Miss Reese had her 2 mo. check-up on Friday, as well as her first round of shots :(
She is exactly 12 lbs. and a whopping 23.5 inches! Which puts her in the 75th% for both! She handled her first shots like a pro and only screamed for a few seconds. Big brother Madden was there for moral support :)

Other stats:
~Still in size 1 diapers
~Size 3 mo. clothes
~She makes the cutest noises: coos, grunts, and she will even sing with you!
~Her curly hair is still there and growing!
~She looks super cute in tights :)
~Madden LOVES her...for now! ;) If you ask him if he loves his sissy, he gives a BIG nod 'yes'.
~She has had one major blowout, which of course happened not at home, but while we were at Alamo Cafe! It was a 6 wipey-change clothes-kind of mess! (Only a mommy would smile while typing that!)
~She is a sleeping BEAUTY!

Grandmommy and I took pics of her and since I don't have time to post those here, you can check a few of them out on her website

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