Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well it's a sad day in the Parker Household....I just ate the last Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. The sad thing about it is that I haven't seen any girl scouts out and about trying to sell me more cookies...what is that about?!? Have they decided the patch or prize isn't worth it anymore?!? (I'm not really sure what they get for selling the most cookies...BECAUSE....I never got to be a girlscout :( And if you couldn't sense the bitterness in that statement, trust me, it's full of it!) Orrrr....have they in fact learned new ways to sell those glorious boxes??? Have they in fact learned the secrets of marketing and networking at such a young age? Well, good for them....bad for me!
On a lighter side there are still some thin mints left...but they just don't satisfy like the Samoas...'till next year I suppose :( Pin It

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best day of my life, so far...

Well as most of you may know through facebook, the bump has ARRIVED!!! I waited sooo long for it to happen and then at 25 weeks it finally popped out. (this pic is at 26 weeks) Everyone kept telling me "not to rush it" and "be thankful you're not showing yet"...but in reality, I didn't really FEEL pregnant until I could see it. It all became real in that moment!
So now with the growing belly in action, these next few months I feel are going to be amazing!! The little man is very active most of the time...if he doesn't move for a while, I find myself worrying and I will lie down on my back just to feel him kick me again so I know he is ok in there!

On another note, Matthew and I celebrated our first Valentine's Day together as a married couple on Friday night. Matthew had to work all day Sat. and Sun. so he made dinner reservations at Brasserie Pavil (French Restaurant) for Friday night. It was delicious! Expensive...but so good! After dinner we were going to attempt to see a movie; however, we failed. We went to Coldstone Creamery for ice cream instead!
After ice cream, on a whim, we decided to go bowling! We got there and it was an hour wait to get a we played arcade games until our name was called.
We finally got to start bowling and we played 3 names....Erin, Matthew, and Madden. We switched off bowling for Madden everyother frame.
End result: Erin beat Matthew...but the underdog Madden took home the "W" just goes to show that we are better together than by ourselves! I thought that was such an incredible way to realize that truth!!!
Matthew's toast to me on our wedding day was to make everyday of my life, the best day of my far! And he does a pretty good job of it!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! Pin It

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comic Relief

Something quite funny, and cute, happened while I was substituting at Castle Hills today. I was filling in for the front desk lady/receptionist when 2 second graders walked in the office. They were looking for a sweater that one of them had lost.
I remained in my seat the entire time, so the next thing I was asked came as a surprise. On the way out the door, one of the girls looked over the counter and asked, "Are you having a baby?!?" I said yes. She said, "CONGRATULATIONS!!" and then left!
It was very cute...but even now I have no idea how she knew! I was sitting the whole time!
On another's a good thing I AM pregnant...because if she had asked me that, and I wasn't...I think I would cry! However, thanks for the laugh!
I sub there again tomorrow, we'll see what the small children observe this time! Pin It

Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's RODEO San Antonio!!!

Last Saturday we went to the SA Rodeo! We saw Lady Antebellum, as well as the rodeo events...p.s. Muttin' Bustin' is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen!
Here's some pics:                          Bull Riding
                                                       View from our seats- no zoom
                                         And my amazing camera zoomed in on her killer heels!

It was a great concert...especially since it was FREE! (thank you Matthew and your Kens5 connections~!)

Overall, a fun time! I hadn't been to the rodeo in about 3 years! I tried to upload the Muttin' Bustin' movie I took, but it wouldn't let me :(
Till next time... Pin It

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"When the night has come...."

Update on the "Bump"...
It seems as though during the night the bump will magically form and in the morning when I'm lying down it is quite noticable and firm. However, the moment I stand up to go to the disappears back to the little bump that really just looks like the "I ate too many cookies" phase of pregnancy.  :(

My 13 year old volleyball team had our first tournament last Saturday, and one of the moms was asking me about the baby and how I was doing. I said great! I am at 6 months...and she gasped! She said, "No way! You're tiny!!! I thought you were just at the beginning like around 4 months just starting to show!!!"

I told my mom that if I didnt know I was pregnant, I could be on the show "I Was Pregnant and Didnt Know It" (or something like that..not sure if that is the exact name!?) Those stories are crazy!

Maybe I should just take bump pics when I'm lying down! Pin It