Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Comic Relief

Something quite funny, and cute, happened while I was substituting at Castle Hills today. I was filling in for the front desk lady/receptionist when 2 second graders walked in the office. They were looking for a sweater that one of them had lost.
I remained in my seat the entire time, so the next thing I was asked came as a surprise. On the way out the door, one of the girls looked over the counter and asked, "Are you having a baby?!?" I said yes. She said, "CONGRATULATIONS!!" and then left!
It was very cute...but even now I have no idea how she knew! I was sitting the whole time!
On another note...it's a good thing I AM pregnant...because if she had asked me that, and I wasn't...I think I would cry! However, thanks for the laugh!
I sub there again tomorrow, we'll see what the small children observe this time! Pin It

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  1. I cant believe you are actually subbing now! That bows my mind! Your life has come full circle!