Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well it's a sad day in the Parker Household....I just ate the last Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. The sad thing about it is that I haven't seen any girl scouts out and about trying to sell me more cookies...what is that about?!? Have they decided the patch or prize isn't worth it anymore?!? (I'm not really sure what they get for selling the most cookies...BECAUSE....I never got to be a girlscout :( And if you couldn't sense the bitterness in that statement, trust me, it's full of it!) Orrrr....have they in fact learned new ways to sell those glorious boxes??? Have they in fact learned the secrets of marketing and networking at such a young age? Well, good for them....bad for me!
On a lighter side there are still some thin mints left...but they just don't satisfy like the Samoas...'till next year I suppose :( Pin It

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  1. In Ohio the girl scouts are found in front of Walmarts or Targets--you may be able to find some there!!! Good Luck!