Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Red Rover, Red Rover, Let Madden ROLL OVER!!!

So the past 4 mornings Madden wakes us up as usual....however...he is now facing UP! He has been a tummy sleeper ever since we brought him home from the hospital (I know they tell you not to, but that's how he would fall asleep, so why mess with what he prefers?!?!) anywho...he now rolls over almost everytime he wakes up!
He has rolled over before this, but those times were only because we would put him down for tummy time and he would get so mad that he flipped over!
The first morning he did it, I think it startled me and him! He was still screaming just like it was an accident. But the next morning he was talking and playing! When I heard this, I decided that he was letting me sleep longer...then he screamed!
I will say is much easier to pick him up out of his crib when he is face-up, than when he was on his tummy and crying for me to get him.
Madden is now 3 months's crazy! We have decided that he is an amazing baby! I was recently reading some other mom's blogs and some interent postings on babies and pacifers/bottles, etc. and how their babies would only drink from certain bottles, and some wouldn't even take a paci.
Madden, on the other hand, doesn't care where the milk comes from, as long as it's warm! I am nursing him, but for those times when he gets a bottle, he doesn't care what kind of nipple it has on it, as long as something comes out! Same goes for the paci...we have 3 different kinds and at any moment I can pull any one of them out of my diaper bag, and he will take it!
So like I stated, he is an amazing baby!
He is a mover! He does not like to be in one spot for very long, unless we are outside. If you are holding him, he will rarely let you sit down for longer than 45 seconds. To remedy this and save my back, I have on occasion, been known to drive him around the house in his stroller! He's a fan! I wish I could take him on a walk outside during the day, but it is just WAY too HOT!
He has his nighttime routine now...he came up with it himself! Just before his last feeding I will give him his bath (it just so happened that around this time he would either have a ridiculously large #2, or he would spit up all over himself), then I will nurse him, then he winds himself down and grandmommy will usually rock him to sleep. Tonight, he went to bed at 8.
I'm super excited for what's to come with our little till next time! Pin It

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"I LOVE to Laugh...Ha Ha Ha Ha!"

Mr. Madden is almost 3 months old and is becoming quite the giggle monster! It might be the cutest thing I have ever heard! I have yet to catch it on camera though :( I will keep trying.

Other milestones...

-He has kind of put himself on a schedule...his last feeding is usually around 7-8 pm...then will stay awake for about an hour, and about the time he would get hungry again he falls asleep and is down for the night! He will sleep for about 5-7 hours then wake up to eat again then sleep for another 3 hours, eat again then repeats that one more time...and around 10:30 or 11:00 am he is up for the day and ready to play!
- He sleeps in his crib!

-He is a pro at holding his head (has been for a long time)

-He is working on sitting up

-From his back, he can roll up onto his side--then just kind of stays there! He hasn't quite figured out how to get ALL the way over.

- He loves being outside

-He thinks his grandpa is the funniest person alive!

- He loves going swimming and being in the water

I could go on and on about this little guy! He is an amazing baby, we love him SOOO much! He is three months old on the 9th and I can't believe how fast time goes by and how much he has changed! Till next time... Pin It