Monday, June 3, 2013

Life Update #1: Reese

Well, Hello! It's been a while :/. Oops! I suppose I need to update our lives on here. And really this is just for me and my documentation of us, considering that most of you readers are my facebook friends and already know that Reese turned 1 in...DECEMBER, Madden turned 3 last month, and we are expecting baby #3 in NOVEMBER! (Those are the 3 most important things that have happened, and well lets face it, that I actually have pics of to show!)

So I guess let's start with Reese...(my last post was of her 8 months photo shoot! YiKES! Here's the months I missed...
9, 10, and 11 mo.
For her 1st birthday, we celebrated with Cupcakes (of course) and Hot Cocoa! I really loved decorating for her party!
We served snickerdoodle cupcakes, appetizers, and had a hot chocolate bar!
Our little buttercup was pretty in pink!

That about sums up her 1st birthday! It was a really good day (from what I remember!)

Reese is now 17 months old! AHHH! She has finally started walking! (before, she would "walk" around on her knees!)
-She eats just about anything! The girl loves food! 
- At her 15 month checkup she was 22lbs and 32" 
- She is just about the sweetest baby ever! 
- Can entertain herself for hours! 
- Gives the absolute BEST hugs and night-night kisses!
- Loves to put on shoes, and attempts to dress herself
- Is a talker: her favorite word is probably "happy" she throws her hands in the air and says it with much enthusiasm! Also says: ball, baby, water, more, thank you, night-night, blankie, water, balloon, mama, dadda, apple, car, cereal, jump, Parts of the body (which she also points to): hair, eyes, nose, mouth, belly-button, ears, animal sounds for: cow, chicken, sheep, bird, horse, cat, dog, lion. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a bunch of me she likes the sound of her voice (I don't know where she got that from?! ;))

I think that about catches us up with Miss Reese! 
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