Monday, April 23, 2012

4 Months!

4 months have gone by...REALLY?!?

Miss Reese had her 4 month checkup this morning, and is a rock star!
   Length: 26.5 inches (97%)
   Weight: 15 lbs. (75%)
   Head: 40 cm (50%)

-size 2 diapers
-3-6 month clothes..although at the moment she is wearing a 6-9 mo. sleeper!
-Loves to smile at her daddy
-was currently sleeping through the night..however, she's a smart girl and has decided that making mommy get up at night to pay attention to her is way more fun...this all ends tonight! I am a CIO (cry it out) advocate. Don't hate me...she will be just fine.
-I'm sure there is more I am forgetting...sorry!

On another note-- Madden is about to be 2!!! What?! I think I'm still in shock about that. But to cope, we are going to have a Cinco de Mayo FIESTA! Filled with fajitas, margaritas, cascarones, and a pool for the kiddos! Party post to follow!

Here's a sneak peek from Reese's 4 month photo shoot...

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