Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Oh, Oh, It's MAGIC! you know...."

Madden's carseat is MAGIC!!! He falls asleep almost instantly when we put him in it! Which is good to know should we ever need to put him to sleep when he doesn't want to! Don't worry...we are not those people who will put him in it all day...those babies are bald on the back of their heads!!!

I still can't believe how fast time goes by! He is a month old as of yesterday. It's crazy. And it has definitely been an adventure so far...from bathtimes, feedings, mini- trips, and all the bodily functions that babies do!
Babies are a handful...but at the same time they are their own comic relief! He is so funny! The noises he makes, the way he goes cross-eyed, the way he bobs his head when he's hungry...he makes me laugh everyday!!! I LOVE HIM!
I will try to post again about bath time....i would do it now, but I feel it deserves it's own post!
So till our next adventure and when I have time...

-The Parkers! Pin It