Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nesting and such...

Well it's official...we are going to do the 3D/4D ultrasound on Friday!
Everyone else says its cheating, but I'm so excited to get to see this little guy and all his activity!
In other news, I believe I have a slight case of nesting...we finally put the stroller together (after about 4 months of it sitting in the box!). It is super cute!!! This is Matthew and the finished product!

Yesterday, I made Matthew clean the second bedroom with me...It was FULL of stuff from his old apt. most of which we threw away or gave to goodwill! Now it is ready to be made into a temporary nursery!
I'm actually nesting in two different places! One of the bedrooms in my parents house is also going to be a nursery! But those walls I actually get to paint!!!
We also got our changing table last now we'll see how long it takes us to finally put IT together!
Here is the latest bump pic...31 weeks/ 5days...I will be 33 weeks on Friday so we'll update the photos!
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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Matthew is 30!!!

For Matthew's 30th Birthday we took a little road trip to the Horshoe Casino in Bossier City, LA. I had been thinking for about a month what to do for his bday...My best friend Kelly got married inVegas on Sunday and we were supposed to be there, then spend an extra day for Matthew, however; the Dr. said "NO!!" so Vegas was off. He loves playing poker so I did some research on different casinos that were driving distance...I originally wanted to take him to Galveston in hopes that they still had the gambling cruises...or to South Padre where the Texas Treasure used to be...only to find out that they no longer exist!!! So I had to venture elsewhere....Louisiana. I finally told Matthew what I was thinking we could do for his birthday and he was sooo excited by the idea of playing poker for his 30th!
So he called the different poker rooms at several casinos and decided that the Horshoe was where he wanted to go!
Sunday came around, I packed up the car, picked Matthew up from the station and we started our drive. We stayed in Austin at Kat (sis) and Matt's that night, then continued on the next morning!
When we finally arrived we checked in, showered, ate a FREE buffet then hit the casino. I decided to try my luck at the slots. Kat once won $100 on a penny I lost $15. Rather quickly I might add. I had $20 left that I was willing to I went to the roullette table where, yep, you guessed it... I lost!
At that point I was done.
Matthew was at the table from about 5:30pm -4:00 am!!! I was upstairs watching Dancing with the Stars, sleeping, sitting with him for about an hour at the table, then back to bed! When he came upstairs he had won over $1100! Woo-Hoo!!!

We ate another Free buffet for lunch then headed on our journey home...with a few pit stops..1. to visit with our friend Stephanie in Tyler, 2-4. Bathroom breaks!, 5. dinner in Austin-- and crazy story about that....
We stopped at Baby A's, we finished and asked for our check, and when the waitress came back with it, she said that the couple sitting at the table next to us paid for our meal, but didnt want us to know until they had left! How crazy is that?!? We were so surprised because we hadn't even spoken to them or anything!!! They just decided to pay for us! What a blessing!
That about sums up our trip....Matthew said it was the best birthday he's ever had! So...Happy Birthday Matthew! I love you!
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Theory

The other day Matthew and I were in the car and I sneezed...normally this wouldn't be anything to write about except this time I peed a little in my pants :( How embarrassing!!!!
I've been told it only gets worse. Awesome.
Here's my new theory:
You know how when a very pregnant lady walks she looks as though she is waddling?!? Well I have decided that the "waddle" is not due to the weight of the belly or back pain, but in fact it is the woman walking ever so slightly as to not pee her pants!!! Pin It

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pregnancy Hangover

I sometimes wake up and feel "hungover". Now this is actually impossible seeing as I don't drink. But I literally wake up and feel as though I went out and got WAMMERED the night before! And it seems to last all day!!!
I asked my doctor about it at my last appointment, and she said it was probably just me not getting enough "good" sleep. Makes sense. So I have named this phenomenon a "pregnancy hangover". And quite frankly, it sucks.
Other than that, this little man is very active inside! It's crazy! When he kicks, he actually makes my clothes jump! And whenever Matthew talks to him, he kicks him in the face! It's pretty funny! Not too much longer till we get to meet him, and we couldn't be more excited!
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