Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nesting and such...

Well it's official...we are going to do the 3D/4D ultrasound on Friday!
Everyone else says its cheating, but I'm so excited to get to see this little guy and all his activity!
In other news, I believe I have a slight case of nesting...we finally put the stroller together (after about 4 months of it sitting in the box!). It is super cute!!! This is Matthew and the finished product!

Yesterday, I made Matthew clean the second bedroom with me...It was FULL of stuff from his old apt. most of which we threw away or gave to goodwill! Now it is ready to be made into a temporary nursery!
I'm actually nesting in two different places! One of the bedrooms in my parents house is also going to be a nursery! But those walls I actually get to paint!!!
We also got our changing table last now we'll see how long it takes us to finally put IT together!
Here is the latest bump pic...31 weeks/ 5days...I will be 33 weeks on Friday so we'll update the photos!
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