Monday, April 5, 2010

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The 3D/4D ultrasound was so cool to see...however this little man inside decided that he was too cool to move around. That, or he just doesn't have much room in there! I apparently have a small uterus, and he is super cramped....poor guy! Sorry!!!! He is defnitely head down and has been since about 31 weeks....which is most uncomfortable. Here's a pic from the ultrasound...we go back in 2 weeks to see if we can get some better shots of him.

He has his daddy's nose and chin, and my cheeks and lips!

During the ultrasound we could see him sticking his tongue out, eating his fingers and attempting to eat the umbilical cord!
We have put together the changing table as well! It is beautiful! After only a few loving arguments throughout the process we managed to complete it!

Apprently this last week my body has been working hard, because I am exhausted!!! Even in pictures I can barely fully open my eyes!!! Ah the joys of no sleep! I know I know..."it only gets worse" "this is just your body's way of preparing you"....yes, I have heard all of those statements...but just let me vent! :) Thanks.
Here is the 33 week photos...

As you can see...I'm tired! :)
Tomorrow we have a Dr.'s appointment, then we are going to go talk to a pediatrician, and then tomorrow night we have our first childbirth class at the hospital! Should be an eventful day!
Thanks for letting me vent! Now it's nap time!

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