Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Well our first childbirth class was quite enjoyable! We both liked it a lot! Our instructor went over a lot of our discomforts and worries and how to handle them, which was very helpful. We did some excercises to help relax, and overall it was great! Matthew won't be able to be there with me next week :( so mom is filling in! The other couples in the class with us are all different which is good! There are some very odd couples and some that are similar to us. I look forward to the rest of the classes!
During our class, the instructor went over car seats and stroller systems and how most people choose one b/c it's cute or it matches the "theme" i.e. she was talking about me!!!! And it came to the decision to return the system we have already put together and were super excited finding one that is safer and more practical. WOW, I'm starting to feel like a responsible parent!!!
So the mission this afternoon is to take apart the one we have already put together, return it, and find one that suits us better!
Pics to come when all is said and done! Pin It

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