Friday, August 12, 2011

"OH! We're Half Way There....

...OH OH!!!" While we may not be "living on a prayer", (or are we?!) we are most definitely half way there-- 20 weeks to be exact! Only 20 weeks left, and if this little missy is anything like her big brother, she will make her GRAND entrance a bit early! (Here's hoping, at least!)

Yes, Yes...I know I have been a horrible blogging momma, but life gets in the way sometimes! For starters, this post will be sans pictures :( sad I know. My hard drive crashed in May, and my amazing Dad had to completely re-do everything. And since I couldn't find the reboot disc for my comp. he had to install a new system as well. Which as of now I still have yet to be able to download my camera's software to, and therefore cannot upload any photos!!! Very, very sad. The memory card for my camera is in desperate need of emptying.
But enough excuses, on to the good stuff!...

In case you are not one of my FB friends and have not already figured out from the first sentence--Matthew and I are expecting baby #2, who just happens to be a GIRL!!! As surprised as were we to find out, we are most definitely thrilled about this new addition!
Madden is full-throttle these days! He is a whopping 15 months old, and there is so much to say about him that y'all have missed out on!

- Daddy gave Madden his first haircut--(this deserves it's own post! Will get to the details later!)
-His first birthday was May 9th--he had a rubber ducky themed party! His
favorite word is "Duck" and he says it all the time, every time he sees a duck, or anything that resembles one
- May 20- Madden's first Hickman cousin was born- Brevin Peter Hickman
- June- He started really walking even though he took his first step at 10 months, he was an expert crawler and decided it wasn't worth giving up the speed!
- separation anxiety set in- especially at church!
- July- Matthew and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary!

-Words Madden says: Duck, Doggie, key, light, mama, dada, stinky (when referring to his diaper!), fish, banana, all gone, hi-ya for hello, shoe, I'm sure i am missing a few...and in reality, most of these words he says don't actually sound human!
- He eats pretty much whatever I give him--however if he had his way he would probably only eat fruit, zuccinni, and cheese! Those are by far his faves! Oh, and ice cream!
-He is an expert moocher--it's hard to say 'no' to his sweet face! He has Grandmommy and Aunt Jenn wrapped around his finger!
- He is 33 inches tall (90th%) and weighs 23lbs. and 12 oz. (50th%).
- He loves his sleep!
- He wears size 18 mo. clothes, size 4 diapers, size 5 shoes.
- He is very interested in how things work--he will sit for a good 10-15 min. playing with one car/truck just pushing it back and forth. We think he's going to be an engineer!
-He loves reading books!
- Best of all--He's going to be a GREAT Big Brother!
I know I'm missing so much, and I will try to be better at posting--hopefully soon with pics!

'Till next time!

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