Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"When the night has come...."

Update on the "Bump"...
It seems as though during the night the bump will magically form and in the morning when I'm lying down it is quite noticable and firm. However, the moment I stand up to go to the disappears back to the little bump that really just looks like the "I ate too many cookies" phase of pregnancy.  :(

My 13 year old volleyball team had our first tournament last Saturday, and one of the moms was asking me about the baby and how I was doing. I said great! I am at 6 months...and she gasped! She said, "No way! You're tiny!!! I thought you were just at the beginning like around 4 months just starting to show!!!"

I told my mom that if I didnt know I was pregnant, I could be on the show "I Was Pregnant and Didnt Know It" (or something like that..not sure if that is the exact name!?) Those stories are crazy!

Maybe I should just take bump pics when I'm lying down! Pin It

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