Friday, August 14, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #2

Hello again!

So the other night I was taking a shower before Matthew got home from work. (I'm not really a fan of being home by myself at imagination runs wild and I tend to scare myself. Even taking a shower when he's not home, scenes of Psycho run through my head.)

And as I was about to turn the water off, I see the shadow of a huge insect crawling up the outside of our shower curtain! It looked like either a GIANT spider or a GIANT cockroach, both of which I am terrified of! I screamed. I then hit the bug from the inside and knocked it off...but to where?!

I then creep out of the shower, and I hear the door open! MATTHEW!!!! The GIANT COCKROACH had crawled its way under our vanity/cabinets.

And then...... Matthew heroically killed it with a shoe.

Married-Life Lesson #2: Boys kill Bugs! Pin It

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