Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Married-Life Lesson #3

This is not a new development, but I did think it was worthy of adding to the growing list of lessons.
When I was little and all through growing up I would always "save the best for last", especially with food. I always wanted the last bite to be the best one.

Now that we are married, I have realized that saving the best for last is no longer an option.
Matthew has a very large appetite, and when we go out to eat we usually try eachothers food....well I would "save the best for last" but he would always end up eating those bites that I think are the "best"!
So I came to the conclusion that if I want the best parts of my meal, I must eat them first.

Married-Life Lesson #3: Boys are not very good at sharing.
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  1. Girl you should have learned this about him the first week you meet him LOL....MOM

  2. Hey Cuteness!

    I so remember this happening with my dad. I would eat all the crust edges of my sandwich first...because I LOVE the middle of the sandwich, so I would save it for last! Then, along would come dad and ask for a bite. Yup! You guessed it...a huge bite right out of the middle! UGH!! I learned to say no when he asked for a bite!

  3. I take ofense to the "Boys don't know how to share" comment. Maybe, you should rephrase that to say, "Matthew Parker doesn't know how to share" and avoid the generalities.