Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday, Matthew and I woke up to a flood in our guest bathroom and the beginnings of one in our master bathroom!
It all began Friday night when we took a quick trip to the apt before going to dinner with my parents and the Roberts. We both used the toilets and quickly realized that they weren't going to flush!
I thought they were both clogged up and called the office to have maintenance come and fix them while we were at dinner.
We returned from dinner to a note saying the toilets were fixed...only to find out they still wouldn't flush, nor would they keep any water in them!!! Hmmm...
Now normally this may have been ok, but seeing as I am pregnant and pee every 30 minutes...this poses as quite a problem!
We went to bed, and then woke up to the mess. ( I will post the video later..I promise) Matthew went on a search around the apt for the problem and found it.
Coming up from the ground outside the building next to ours was toilet paper, water, pee and human feces! AHHHH!!!! We got it on video and you can hear us gagging...Matthew actually threw up!
We ended up having to stay at my parents house last night, and might have to again tonight. I went to the apt tonight and they fixed the problem, our toilets are functioning now; however, because of the flood in our guest bathroom the carpet was ruined and now our apt smells like a wet dog. They won't be able to fix our carpet until Tues!
So that is the fiasco of late. Kind of gross, I know!
Thank the Lord we have my parents nearby to stay with!
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  1. we can compare apartment horror stories anytime you want, because i've certainly got them. if you drive around our apartment parking lot, you will see a series of signs that say something along the lines of "don't park here idiot, it's not a parking spot, and if you park here, the people who had the good sense to park in an actual designated parking spot, cannot get their cars out because you're blocking them". I am single-handedly responsible for the apartment complex's posting of those signs