Saturday, October 31, 2009

life so far....

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. But some inspiration has finally come! Matthew and I had our second Dr's appointment and ultrasound on the 26th. It was amazing! God is so great!!! What was just a dot on the screen 4 weeks now a BABY, with arms and hands, and a heart that beats 140 beats a minute!!!
As for morning sickness....well it finally caught up with me. But only for a couple of days...I have definitely been blessed in that department! I hear of women who have it everyday for the entire first trimester...some for the first 6 MONTHS! I am sooooooooo grateful!
My emotions are on overdrive right now. I cry all the time! Often times for no real reason! Which is something fairly new to me...I used to cry once every 5-6 months...this whole crying when a sad commercial comes on the tv...well, I'm starting to feel like my mom!!! (love you mom!)
I apologize that this post isn't as witty and entertaining as the past ones have been...however, hope you enjoyed it still! Pin It

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