Monday, October 12, 2009


Today I pondered the whole "nesting" stage and this is what I came up with...Women "nest" because there is some horrid smell in their house that they cannot stand and therefore they clean the entire thing in hopes to get rid of it! (At least that seems to be my problem!)
This apartment smells awful! The other day, Matthew and I came home and I swear it smelled like the giraffe cage at the zoo! Now, Matthew thinks that I am nuts and completely doesn't understand this whole 'my nose is 40x's stronger than his right now' issue! 
And on the whole smell issue...I dont even like the smell of my own hands! How in the world does that happen?!? It's crazy. Luckily mom gave me some new lavender/vanilla soap that seems to mask it pretty well.....for about 10 min!
All in all these first 8 weeks haven't been horrible, still no morning sickness- which is a blessing. And Matthew is being quite the sport about it all...he does the dishes most days, makes me food, lets me complain, he is being an AMAZING husband, and I love him!
Our next appointment with our Dr. is the end of this month...We're scheduled for another sonogram at that time and according to all the books and whatnot, by then the baby will actually look like a baby! YAY!
Thanks for reading! Now I'm off to do some "nesting". Until next time... Pin It

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