Thursday, December 31, 2009

Boy oh BOY!!!

In the last post (which was forever ago, I know) I was complaining about how everyone else has cute little baby bumps...well I've come to realize that all of those people are not very tall. Therefore, I blame my height! However, a month later, I think I have one!!! really just looks like I'm fat :( I'm hoping this new bump of mine will begin to round out!!!

My last appointment was on Dec. 21, and Matthew and I had asked my Dr. if she could tell us what the baby's sex is a little early so that we could surprise everyone for Christmas. (We originally weren't supposed to find out until my next appt. on Jan. 18th.)
Sure enough the Dr. told us we are having a BOY!!!!

Now this was really no surprise to me, this whole time I was thinking I am going to have a boy...b/c all my dreams except one have been that I am having a boy.
One dream in particular frightened me:
I dreamt that I was having a boy, but that this boy was somehow half elephant!!! He had a TRUNK! A fully functioning elephant trunk! Along with that, his feet were huge like elephant feet! I was terrified!
I saw my parents that next day and told them about my dream and how scary it was, and my mom says, "well, that's why they have plastic surgeons!" HA! Then, I called Matthew to tell him, and he said "well, I guess that means he is going to be a republican!"
It's funny now, but in my dream I was terrified. But to calm my nerves, at our last appt. my Dr. let us know that the blood test I took to make sure everything was fine with the baby and that there are no genetic defects came out negative! So our baby is healthy and that's really all we could ask for!

Anyway, back to it's a BOY...At the appt. my Dr. was doing the ultrasound and she claims that she saw "HIM" 3 times...however, I was watching too and I couldnt see anything! Apparently he was being stubborn...go figure...he already takes after his dad! He had his legs crossed and then was moving around the whole time, so she really couldnt get a good pic for us, but she assured us that at our next appointment we would get a much better shot of the little man!

We felt him kick for the first time a few weeks ago, (I know, I should have been posting this whole time) but it was such a cool feeling! Even Matthew got to feel it. And these last couple of weeks, he is going crazy inside there! It feels like he is doing somersaults, and throwing in the occasional kick! It's an awesome feeling!
We are so happy and blessed! Matthew is ecstactic! The little ones initials will of course be MVP like his dad and grandad. I will try to put up some pics as soon as I can! Maybe some of the ultrasounds too! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a Happy New Year!!! Yay for 2010!!! May 21st cant come soon enough!!! Pin It

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