Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soap Box Alert!!!

I have kept silent for long enough...I can't stand the first few episodes of American Idol! I was going to post this last week after the Armadillo costume made it's appearance, but decided that my rant could wait. Until last night, when the autobot was aired. SERIOUSLY?!?!? I think it's ridiculous that these people make it on TV! This is a singing competition. I don't think it would bother me quite as much, if I didn't know that these people stood in front of 10 other 'no-name' judges, and were passed through to the celebrity judges. When I guarantee you there are other people who have good voices that don't get a chance to get the coveted golden ticket, b/c they have to make room for these idiots in hopes to boost ratings!

Just so you know...when those (I'll say it again) idiots are allowed on TV, I change the channel. I refuse to support it.
Now this next comment refers to last year...If you are above or below the age limitations you SHOULD NOT  a) try out for American Idol, and b) if you do [try out], I should NOT have to watch you sing "pants on the ground"! There are other shows (America's Got Talent, The 'X' Factor, etc.) where you can showcase your talent and stay within the show's rules.
Ok, I'm done, I think. :) Now that they are in Hollywood,  I can finally watch the show without screaming at the television.
on another note--Mr. Madden is now 9 months old!!! I will post his stats and whatnot later! Pin It

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