Monday, February 14, 2011

Love and Marriage

Happy Valentine's Day, all! Madden decided he was super excited about today and woke up at 5:30am, and instead of falling back asleep when I turned on the music, like he usually does...he stayed awake. The morning started looking brighter when Matthew came through the door with a giant balloon (that sings I might add), a sweet card, and 30 pink tulips!
As tired as I may be, I am super excited about my date tonight with Matthew! We are going to PF Changs, yummmmm! It would be awesome to add a movie to our night...but Matthew now works overnight to produce the morning show. Therefore, we will go eat and then he will drop me off at home, with a kiss goodnight. It will feel like we are dating again! Which, honestly, is kind of fun! The sleeping alone part --not so much.

On to Baby news: Madden is 9 MONTHS OLD...and stats are in:

Height: 30 in. (90th %)
Weight: 20 lbs. (25th-50th %)
Head: 45cm (50th %) <--at 6 months he was in the 10th %!!!

Our string bean is growing  fast! He is pulling up on EVERYTHING...and he even lets go and stands on his own for a few seconds! He will be walking any day now : / Lord, help us!
I would love to post some recent pics, however, we had a play date yesterday with one of Madden's girlfriends, and I accidently left the camera at her house :( So you will have to wait.

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