Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Love Football!!!

Ha! Now if you really know me, you will know that this statement is far from the truth. I never have really been a huge fan of the sport (I know, How "un-American" of me)...I attribute it to the fact that my high school didn't have a football team, and therefore I had no emotional ties to the game. Yes, in college we had a football team, but I played volleyball and rarely got to go to a game because we were playing at the same time, or on an away trip. And let's be honest, Texas State is not known for the student-body being full of school spirit and gung-ho about it's sports teams :/ Sad but true.
So why my sudden "love" of the game?
Well, Matthew produces the weekend show for KENS5 and therefore is usually there ALL day on Saturdays and Sundays. However, when they are airing a football game on Sunday, they usually don't have an early show (5:30 pm) and that means we are able to go to church together! Or if need be...SLEEP IN-- sometimes both!
So on days like today, I love football! Ask me any other day? And well...I'd rather be taking a nap! Pin It

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