Friday, November 12, 2010

6 months!

Three days ago Mr. Madden celebrated his HALF- Birthday...and what a milestone it has been! The day before, he finally got the gumption to move his little booty...a.k.a. He CRAWLED! We were at my Grandparent's house at Lake Buchanan when this happened. To top off it all off, his first little tooth is poking through! So much is going on in his little life and it is scary and exciting all at the same time! Here's what else is new:
-Stats are in: Height: 27" (50th-75th %)
                     Weight: 16lbs. 12oz. (35th%)

- Crawling!!! This is his first crawl on 11/8/10: his doctor says he is way advanced for his age, and that most babies don't start crawling till around 8 months! oh boy, we're in trouble! However, my mom said that we all started crawling at 6 months so I guess it's in the genes :)

 - Still putting everything in his mouth! He loves his Gerber Cookies!

- Has his first tooth! It's barely popping out, but it's there!!!
- Takes naps in his crib!
- He is quite the little flirt.
- Wearing size 6 mo. or 6-9 mo. clothes. But 9 month PJ's!!!!
- Pulls up in his crib and tries to grab the camera...I will get a pic next time!
- Loves our cell phones, cameras, computers and will climb all over us to get to them!
-New foods: sweet potatoes, mango, chicken w/ broth (he's not a fan)

- Has a new high chair and is a big fan of it!
- Gives the Best kisses!
6 months has been super exciting so far...can't wait to see what's in store for us next!

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