Thursday, November 11, 2010

"Thanks, Career Point."

...for NOTHING! 
We love Madden's Doctor, he is very nice and answers all of our crazy questions :) The nurses are a different story! EVERY TIME we go to the Dr. they weigh and measure him...and miraculously he shrinks! For example: he measured at 20.5" when he was born, and somehow 2 weeks later he had lost that .5! So I made her measure again, and just like that he grew .5"! At his 2 mo. checkup he magically lost another .5" from when I had him measured a week before, hmmmm??? At 4 months he measured at 25". So yesterday we went for his 6 mo. appointment.
Let me first explain how they measure babies here: they lay him down, put a mark where his head is, wrestle with his leg to get it straight, put a mark where his foot is, then measure the distance. I'm sure this is standard with other offices as well, but these "career point" nurses, somehow get it wrong EVERY time!
Now back to his appointment yesterday, the nurse laid him down again on the paper did her marks..and said he was 25"!!! "Umm....excuse me? I don't think so! He was 25" two months ago!" So she tried again...26". Which I still did NOT believe! So I told her that I didn't like the way they measure babies here, and that EVERY time we come he shrinks! Needless to say, she didn't like that very much and was quite rude the rest of the time.
I won't deny that the way I said it was rude as well, but I look forward to his appointments for just that reason- to find out how much he has grown! And for these nurses to not get it right, makes me really upset. So I took matters into my own hands and measured him myself when she left the room. I tore off the part with the markings I had done, and put it in his diaper bag so I could measure it when I got home! And sure enough...27"!!!
The doctor came in after and assured us that they don't really look at his height at this age anyway...just as long as he is gaining weight.
Sorry for my rant, but I just had to let people know of my frustration with these nurses at his Pediatrician. So, "Thanks, Career Point."
I was going to add all of Mr. Madden's new tricks and stats to this post, but I think I will write one just for him later today! Pin It

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