Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy 5 MONTHS Madden!

WOW! 5 months already! So many things to say, where to start???
First off...I think Madden may be ones of those super strong babies...have you heard of them? He is ridiculously strong! His arms even have muscular definition! I'm thinking some kind of athlete for sure!!!

Other notable facts:
- this boy LOVES to laugh...(see video), he thinks mommy and daddy are hilarious...grandaddy is pretty funny too sometimes!
- he is a serious flirt
- we started a new sleep routine and (please don't jinx it) it is great!
- he has two indestructible books, and cannot get enough of them...good thing they are "indestructible"!
- wearing size 2 diapers
- 3-6 months clothes
- no longer nursing...we made it almost 5 months!
- He LOVES his oatmeal and bananas! Other foods we have tried and enjoy: peaches, squash, carrots, and plums. Food we have yet to try that is in the pantry: sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears, and green beans! Other moms beware: first time with bananas- don't be alarmed if you see what looks like your child ate some yarn, in the diaper! Also, carrots look the same--both ends! :)

While we are on the diaper subject- this technically could be entirely new post, but seeing as I dont blog everyday or even every week, I'll make it short :) Anyway, I never thought I would get as excited about a poopie diaper, as I do! Ever since Madden had his bout with constipation, {by the way--horrible, horrible thing for your baby to go through :(  } I get overwhelmed with joy at his poopoo pants! Madden also finds great joy in doing #2!
On to bigger and better things and I'm sure what you have all been waiting for:

face plant!

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