Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cry It Out?

There are several debates on whether or not to let your child CIO. I always said (pre-baby) that you should just let them cry...however, ever since Mr. Madden has arrived it's very difficult to do so!
But I have decided that today is the day, for his naps at least!
Reason being: He has now started taking longer naps. For about his first couple of months, he would only take little naps (anywhere from 15-30 min.) right before his next feeding. Now he takes 2 sometimes 3, that last anywhere from 1-2 hours. I posted a while back that he would only nap in my arms. So the task at hand is getting him to take his naps in his crib!
I realize this is entirely my fault (him napping in my arms), but you live and learn, right?
30 minutes later....SUCCESS!!!
I semi-followed the Ferber Method, (going in and checking on him after 5 min., comfort him without picking him up, leave, then wait 7 min...10 min...etc.) and he DID it! He's asleep!
Now I just need to be consistent! Pin It

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