Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Final Stretch

First, I must say Happy 17 months to Mr. Madden! I cannot believe he will 18 months a.k.a. 1 year & a half next month! He is my hilarious, adorable, energetic, awesome little man!
Currently, he is working on teething his molars and a few other little teeth. One molar is already in! This makes him a little cranky some days, but apparently also very tired. He has always been a great sleeper (12 hours/ night) but recently he has been sleeping for about 14hrs/night and taking about a 2hr. nap!

The last weekend in Sept. Mom, Madden and I journeyed to Dallas to see Kat and go to a consignment sale. We got some great things for Madden, Baby girl Parker, and baby girl Grahn! Last week there was a sale in Boerne, so Mom, Madden, and I decided to go. Couple of things:
1. Kendall County Fairgrounds=no AC= HOT!
2. Madden does not like to stay in his stroller anymore=chasing him around KCF while trying to shop=EXHAUSTING!
Madden is FAST! Lesson Learned.

On to Baby Girl Parker--
We are now officially in the 3rd trimester! Which means:
-I now go to the Dr. every 2 weeks, and...
-there are less than 12 weeks/82 days till she's due!!!

I've been thinking about this for a while now, but there are definitely differences in carrying a boy vs. a girl.
1. Cravings- they say that when you are having a boy you crave salty snacks/food, verdict- TRUE. And with a girl, you crave sweets. Def. TRUE! I want/NEED something chocolate everyday--even if it's only a few choc. chips! Crazy.
2. The "way" you carry them- With boys, most women carry out in front and lower, and generally when looking at them from the back, you would never know they were pregnant! With girls, it is said, most women carry them higher and out the sides! The higher part--i dont know, I can't tell the difference this time. However, this little miss is def. side to side! I can feel the difference.

At the moment those are the only differences I can think of/remember. Baby brain is clearly inevitable--boy or girl!

(I was going to insert a few pics but apparently things have changed in blogger and I will have to do it in another post :( bummer.)

So with that said, Yay for Madden growing up (even though I wish he wouldn't do it so fast) and Yay for the last trimester! Baby Girl's name will be released soon!

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