Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jumbled Mess

Everyday, I go to my blog with every intention of typing something..anything...and well, nothing. nada. zilch.
And even now as I sit here typing, I can't piece together what it is that I want to post! Trust me, with a toddler and a newborn, I have the material!
AhHa...something has wiggled out of my brain!

People always ask "Who does she look like? You or Matthew?" My response "Madden!". The first time I saw her that's all I could think, "Oh my goodness! She looks just like her brother!"
HA! It's crazy to me how much she looks like Madden! They have the same facial expressions, the shape of their legs are the same, they have the same cute button nose...I think it's wonderful! Some differences: 1.While Reese has the "Hickman lips" she likes to suck in her bottom one, but when she gets mad it definitely comes out!
2. She has beautiful curly hair!
3. She spits up way more than Madden did :(
4. Her feet are perfectly tiny! Madden had monster feet and super long arms!

It's hard to believe she will 4 weeks old on Thursday! Time seems to fly when I read that, but in reality, it feels like we're in slow motion! Not sure if that makes sense, but I also don't know any other way to put it! :/
Brain mush has now taken over, so to avoid confusing all of you with my own stream of consciousness, I will end with some more pics from Miss Reese's photoshoot! :)

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