Monday, July 12, 2010

Bath Time BABY!

As promised, bath time stories commence.
It has been quite a journey with Madden and the tub. When we first got him home, we had to do the whole sponge bath thing...Madden was NOT a fan! He hated it and it definitely took 2 people to get him clean! He is hilarious when he gets mad...his arms and legs shoot straight out, knees lock, he shuts his eyes, and SCREAMS! Needless to say those sponge baths were short! When the umbilical cord finally fell off we thought bath time would be a little better...NOT! The first few times it was just the same except now there was a tub full of water involved!
I attempted it by myself, once.
Relief was found in the shower! Turns out Madden really does LOVE water! We started taking showers with him...he never cried once! I think the sound of the water distracts him...that and he's being held the entire time!
Even with the success of shower time, "bath time" was still on my mind. So a few days ago I attempted the once dreaded bath...SUCCESS!
The key to my success, keep the water running! I can only imagine that bath time will get more fun as he grows up and is able to sit up and actually play in it! Right now, he is still just kind of a blob :)
The adventures continue and we are loving every minute!
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