Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3rd Time's a Charm!

Apprently Madden doesn't like change much...
The first time we put him in his swing he instantly began crying. So we waited a couple of days before we tried it again...this time he sat in it for about 45 sec. then decided he hated it!
3 must be the magic number, because the third time we put him in it, he loved it and ended up falling asleep! He just hangs out in it now! It's a life saver some days :)
On the same note, his bouncer chair experience was very similar. However, he loved it the first time we put him in it...My mom and I were at Target and Madden was quite fussy. So we put him in the bouncer on display, turned on the vibrations and he was instantly quiet and happy. We decided it was a MUST to buy.
We did, put it together, and when we put Madden in it...you guessed it...he HATED it!
It took a few tries, but about the third one he became a fan. The bouncer is still touch and go though...this boy loves being held!
Here he is 2 months old in his giraffe swing! 


And asleep in the bouncer:

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